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Starting Your Essential Oil Journey Can Be Overwhelming

"What do I buy?"
"Will I know how to use them?"
"Which starter pack is going to help cover all our needs?"
This is how I can help! I understand how confusing and overwhelming it can be to choose the right products for your home to take care of your family.

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Kids Collection Oils with Koala Diffuser

Better sleep? Calm emotions? “Calm Your Farm”? Yes, please! This starter pack will have you and your kids feeling all the calm vibes throughout the day with diffusing and making roller blends and help you create a better sleep routine for everyone.

Essential Oil Mumma
Essential Oil Mumma

Hey there!

I’m Sarah-Jade.

As a Mum of two energetic boys, I know what it’s like to search for fast and easy solutions to common parenting problems. From making calming roller blends for bedtime to using diffusers to help with clogged up noses and feeling under the weather, I can show you how to use essential oils to benefit your kids and yourself.

I’ll guid you every step of the way and help you discover the amazing things you can do with these natural remedies.

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