Essential Oil Mumma
educating and empowering with doTERRA essential oils
Essential Oil Mumma
educating and empowering with doTERRA essential oils
Essential Oil Mumma
educating and empowering with doTERRA essential oils


I experienced how essential oils worked for my family.

My name is Sarah-Jade and I am known as the Essential Oil Mumma.

I am an Australian girl, married to the love of my life, Mumma to two amazing, energetic little boys and I also have a heartfelt passion for educating people with how to use doTERRA essential oils.

We were first introduced to doTERRA a few years ago when our little boys became unwell and nothing we were using was helping to support them. A friend lent me some On Guard Protective Blend, Easy Air Clear Blend and a diffuser. Seeing how these little brown bottles worked straight away with my boys, I was hooked. And I have never looked back!

You may have heard people talking about essential oils and wondered what they are? Have you seen them popping up around you? That is because essential oils are becoming more and more popular as a natural alternative for your own health and wellness. 

Not to mention saving you money with being able to replace a lot of store-bought items around your home. Essential Oils are nature’s gifts that support your body with the amazing job it does in taking care of itself daily. I didn’t realize there was such a difference in quality until I opened my first bottle of dōTERRA oil. Not all essential oils are created equal and there is no governing body that regulates essential oils so this is why it is super important you choose a brand you can trust. 

This is why I love dōTERRA for their most pure and potent essential oils that I use with my family daily. And with over 5 million dōTERRA users worldwide that have experienced the life-changing power of essential oils by incorporating the use of dōTERRA products into their everyday lives, I am sure they would agree.

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