School Routine with Oils


Hello back to school! Both my boys will be in school full-time this year and being a busy Mum, being prepped and ready for their health and wellness is key for me and I love that I am feeling like an empowered Mumma knowing that I have the natural tools at my fingertips to help create a fast and easy daily routine for our home. DAILY being the keyword. Learning to create a before, after school and evening routine that I could stick too was super important to me and the best example of this is with the oils in my “Mumma Toolkit” at the bottom of this blog.

I list below what are my most commonly used and favourite oils that I suggest you use daily and I have also listed alternatives to makeup (with correct dilution – less is always more. I just start out with a few drops of oil to a tablespoon of carrier oil and work my way up if need be) in a 10ml roller blend with a carrier oil.

Before School:

Wild Orange or Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend in the diffuser while your kids eat breakfast and get ready for the day. This creates an uplifting and positive aroma to your home and will also help with any #tired mum emotions that you may be feeling!!

Thinker Focus Blend to help concentration during school and Stronger Protective Blend for protection from any environmental and seasonal threats that are hanging around. Both of these can be swiped on the bottom of your kiddies feet and back of their neck just as you are leaving to go to school.

Alternatives – Calming oils such as Lavender and Frankincense for your diffuser if your home needs calming in the morning over uplifting. On Guard Protective Blend and Frankincense for all the daily wellness support. Rosemary and Peppermint for concentration and focus.

After School:

Balance Grounding Blend in the car diffuser for school pick up to help calm the long day emotions. On Guard and Arborvitae in the diffuser when you get home to help cleanse and purify the air and ward off anything that may have brought home from school.

Alternatives – No car diffuser? I make a misting spray. Tea Tree or Lemon are good oils for the diffuser or spray to help cleanse the air.


Lavender bath for the kids to relax and unwind and Frankincense and Lavender Peace in their diffuser twenty minutes before bed for sleep time. Calmer Restful Blend rolled on the bottom of your kids’ feet after bath time.

All-purpose spray (On Guard Cleaner Concentrate) to clean down all the benches, spray inside school shoes with a DIY Lemon spray to eliminate any odours, pack everything away that takes ten minutes at night as opposed to an hour in the morning.

Alternatives – All-purpose spray recipe found here, few drops of Lemon oil on a paper towel or cloth and placed inside the shoes overnight.

All-purpose spray video

Shoe Spray video

Nighttime Spray video

Mumma Toolkit:

doTERRA’s Top Ten Oils (like the Home Essentials Starter Pack) and a diffuser hands down! These are what parents need on a daily basis to care for their families. The top ten oils can help support 80% of our needs and there are so many different blends you can make from this range. A diffuser is going to help support your home with receiving the maximum benefits when diffusing your oils during the day and night. Our diffusers go on twenty minutes before bedtime to create that perfect dream time bliss. If you do not already have a doTERRA wholesale customer account and NEED this pack in your home, you will find it here.

doTERRA’s Kids Collection: Formulated specifically for developing minds, bodies, and emotions, these essential oil blends feature unique combinations therapeutically balanced to provide powerful benefits while being gentle on delicate skin.


Available now in Australia and can be purchased here with opening your wholesale customer account.

Emotional Wellness Starter Pack: Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend and Elevation Joyful Blend for all the uplifting and happy moods in the morning to start the day off. Balance Grounding Blend and Lavender Peace Calming Blend for after school slow down and sleepy town at night. Adaptiv Tranquil Blend for all the support during stressful moments. A diffuser to blend one or all of them whenever you want and makes any room smell dreamy.

These oils are great for the whole family by supporting their emotions and moods. I always have these five bottles on my kitchen bench to use and so should you!

You can find this starter pack in your back office as a doTERRA customer or become a wholesale customer with the pack here.

The list can go on and on but these are my simple but effective choices of what we use in our home and what I know will work in your home too. Create a lifestyle that is going to make your life easier. If I chose to only use our oils “here and there” then I would expect to only have “here and there” benefits. I truly could not imagine not having essential oils in our home to support our family, especially with school and I am happy every single day that we have natural alternatives to use.