Mumma Empowerment

How essential oils have helped me to become an empowered mumma.

My journey into natural solutions started 13 months ago when Duke and Vice weren’t feeling the best for around two weeks. My husband told me that we were just going to have to ride it out as we had tried so many different store-bought options that just weren’t working. But me being a mum knew there would have to be something better. There is nothing worse than seeing your children upset and uncomfortable. Day after day we watched as Duke and Vice needed extra respiratory support. We were using a humidifier that to be honest wasn’t the greatest. It spat water all over the floor and after two nights was just causing more tension than it was worth.

In comes dōTERRA. If you had asked me 13 months ago what dōTERRA was, I would have answered “no idea!” I honestly had not heard of the company and thought essential oils were only something you bought in the shop to put in an oil burner. I was so wrong! A friend offered to lend me her diffuser and two bottles of dōTERRA. On Guard Protective Blend and Easy Air Clear Blend. We had tried everything else so what did we have to lose. From that first moment I walked into the bedroom after putting a few drops of each essential oil in the diffuser, I was amazed and so was my husband. It was like a breath of fresh air when you entered the room and the most amazing aroma we had both ever smelt. But the biggest turning point was that both Duke and Vice slept through the whole night without making a sound. From that moment I was hooked. I needed these oils and a diffuser in our home. And had also thought ” Why haven’t I heard of this before? Why is this not something that every young mum is made aware of?”

I started to research online and came across Keeli Martinez from Essentially Obsessed on Instagram. She was so down to earth and extremely passionate about not only helping her own family with natural solutions but also wanting to help other mums like myself. After Keeli answered my questions and helped go over what option suited my family best, I decided then and there to get started with dōTERRA, and I ordered the Family Essentials + Smart & Sassy Kit. Within a few days, my oils arrived, and the rest is history. I now spend every single day educating and supporting others with dōTERRA. I especially love teaching Mumma empowerment. If I can help even just one other mum who was like me and has no idea about dōTERRA, then I consider my job done. Everyone needs to know about these oils, their benefits and have them in their home. And for this main reason, I will never stop doing what I do.