doTERRA Kids Collection Oils Pack


Make Mum life so much easier by having the Kids Collection Oils in your home ready to use for yourself and your little ones.

Seven 5ml bottles ready to be used for your kids:

  • Sleep
  • Daily wellness
  • Mood support


The doTERRA Kids Collection Oils Pack features seven pre-diluted 5ml bottle blends specially collated selection of oils designed for use by kids, including us  “big” kids!  Formulated specifically for developing minds, bodies, and emotions, these essential oil blends feature unique combinations balanced to provide powerful benefits using them in a diffuser and also topically (roller blends or diluted in parent’s hands).

  • doTERRA Brave Courage Blend
  • doTERRA Calmer Restful Blend
  • doTERRA Stronger Protective Blend
  • doTERRA Thinker Focus Blend
  • doTERRA Steady Grounding Blend
  • doTERRA Rescuer Soothing Blend
  • doTERRA Tamer Supportive Blend