doTERRA Night-Time Bliss Kit


Looking for better sleep? This kit has you covered with a selection of calming and relaxing oils to help you create the perfect bedtime routine for you and your kids. Use the oils in a diffuser at night or make your own calming roller blend to apply to the spine and pulse points when emotions are running high.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to restful, peaceful sleep with this kit.



The doTERRA night-time bliss kit is the ideal way to create a calming evening routine for your kids. Use the oils in a diffuser or topically to help relax their minds and bodies, and promote restful sleep. The pack includes a selection of products specifically chosen to ease anxious feelings and support relaxation after a busy day. Transform your kids’ bedtime routine and encourage peaceful sleep with this kit.

Kit Contains:

Petal Diffuser

Petal Diffuser